Boldy Locks

Amplify your summer shade-blocking fancy with the saturated look of color-kissed strands. Tie-dye yellows appear umbrae when layered over rich, orangey reds, and blues enhance cool skin tones and light eye-color. Most importantly, your commitment to Pantone doesn’t have to come at a cost to your hair or the environment. Aveda’s Full Spectrum Protective Permanent Crème Hair Color is 96 percent naturally derived (with green-tea extract), fade-resistant, and damage-free. The colors, however, are vibrant enough to satisfy your every whim.

The Aveda packaging is just as sensible. The color tubes are made of 100 percent recycled material (the caps are sourced through the national cap collec- tion program founded by Aveda.).


Less Sleep = Higher Risk of Obesity & Diabetes


A recent study published in Science Translation

Medicine found that too little sleep—an insufficient amount to keep up with the body’s internal biological clock— could lead to a higher risk of obesity and diabetes. Although a short-term lab study, this research, conducted out of Brigham and Women’s Hospital, discovered a bump in the concentration of glucose in the blood after meals (due to poor insulin secretion by the pancreas) as a result of prolonged sleep restrictions. The decrease in resting metabolic rate could end up adding 10 pounds a year to someone’s weight. With the lack of sleep college students put up with, it’s no wonder we’re all so familiar with the term “Freshman 15.” And while none of this information comes as a total surprise, it’s just another example of how important those extra hours of rest can be —especially with swimsuit season right around the corner.