Radio Personality, Frank Ski, Ending Tenure With V-103

Atlanta is known for it’s R&B and hip hop culture. Over the years, the city has become one of the five biggest music cities in the country. One of the front men and Atlanta icons behind the music scene, Frank Ski, formally announced this morning that he will be ending his fourteen-year tenure with radio station V-103—the People’s Station. Frank Ski moved here in 1998 to begin working with V-103, and in that time, he’s started a family, opened outside businesses, began charity organizations and much more. As a radio personality, Frank Ski has had some major carreer milestones with V-103—he had the last ever interview with Ms. Coretta Scott King and an interview with President Barack Obama during his term as Chicago Senator. Musically, he’s had interviews with both legendary performers Whitney Houston and Stevie Wonder.

Frank Ski began his radio/music career before ending up in Atlanta. Notable is his popular classic hip hop song Doo Doo Brown from the 1980s. Ski will be missed in Atlanta, but assures the city that this is not goodbye, rather to be continued…very soon.

Jeffrey Preis


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