Running Motivation for Your Monday


Click the image to see the Google Earth feature in action!

The Runtastic GPS fitness and exercise has outdone itself with a new Runtastic Pro app for Android and iPhone. Get motivation from friends, track your run, set calorie and pace goals and monitor your heart rate all in one app. The app even provides weather forecasts, reports on sunrise and sunset, and voice feedback to help you reach your running potential. The most groundbreaking improvement is the Google Earth video playback feature for Android, and the auto pause and restart feature for Android and iOS. Let’s face it, when it comes to working out, we could all use some motivation!

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By Sarah Osbourne


Songza For Any Scenario

So often, the music we choose to listen to has to do with our mood. So why not have an application that plays songs according to your demeanor or setting? Depending on the time of day, Songza provides a variety of scenarios in which you may find yourself. In the morning, your options may be, “work or study with lyrics”,  “brand new music”, “still waking up”, “popular genres” or “summertime.” Later that night however, your options may include, “a sweaty dance party”, “unwinding after work”, or “love and romance.” Not only are you able to choose the mood in which you are in, but also choose from genres such as, “upbeat indie”, “best of the 90’s”, “pop”, or “electronic,” to select the best music for your situation.

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By Sarah Osbourne

Burning Down the House

By: Brennan Hussey

In a split second, what would you snag if your house were ablaze? Forest Huntington asked himself this question one day, which sparked his social experiment, The Burning House.  He started taking pictures of his family’s selections and then traveled along the west coast to gather a wider census. He spent five months on the road asking children, elderly, rural and urban people alike.  Answers range from MacBooks, favorite pants, stuffed-animals and beloved pets. The Burning House is now available in stores.  It offers a simple question to ask, but one that tells us much more about our culture that meets the eye.

Can’t Get Enough of “The Gos”

By: Mei Brasel

A Tumblr ( dedicated to mixing tasteful pictures of the red-hot actor Ryan Gosling and feminist one-liners has gone viral. How viral? They’re publishing a book with all of these, titled “Feminist Ryan Gosling: Feminist Theory (As Imagined) from Your Favorite Sensitive Movie Dude” — and it’s already available for pre-order. Hats off to the creator, Danielle Henderson, a gender studies graduate student at the University of Wisconsin, for making feminism a bit sexier.

TNT: The Last Ship


By: Mei Brasel

Michael Bay is back.

TNT announced their latest pilot order to be The Last Ship, based off best-selling author William Brinkley’s book.

In the action-packed series, a catastrophe nearly levels off the entire world population and a naval crew has to come in terms with the fact they are among the few survivors left on the planet.

“The book The Last Ship is a gripping page-turner that has all the makings of a terrific television drama, including a great premise, memorable characters, intense situations and heart-racing action,” says TNT president Michael Wright. “We believe this show will take viewers on a thrilling ride and fits perfectly with TNT’s expanding line-up of original dramas. We look forward to working with Michael Bay and The Last Ship‘s outstanding production team.”

This sounds like a promising new series that could be as gripping as the book. Only question is: how many plot twists and love triangles can be explored before the show loses its appeal?


Machines that once dispensed unfiltered Camel Cigarettes are having their own version of an art renaissance period, popping up in unexpected places with extremely unique contents. North Carolina Artist, Clark Whittington has found a matchless way of converting old cigarette ma-

found in over 60 galleries, museums, shops and glitzy hotels across the country. The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas is home to several of Clark’s machines, dispensing priceless works of art that become cherished vacation souvenirs. The Art-O- Mat treasure chests are quickly making their way

chines into Art-O-Mats, which dispense original works of art for a modest fee of $5. The machines are filled with cigarette pack-size creations, made by more than 400 different artists and can be

around the country. If you haven’t stumbled upon a machine yet, visit the entire list of locations on the Art-O-Mat website and become an art collec- tor today.


On the Road Again…

 What’s the worst part of a summer vacation? Getting there. However, — created by cofounders James and Tatiana Fisher — is helping make the hours spent in the car more enjoyable and less excruciating. This web app helps calculate the length, time and gas expenses involved in the trip, while also leading you to diversions such as scenic views and offbeat attractions. Entertainment, shopping, historical landmarks and dining venues can also be found. Save your trips and add attractions to your bucket list by logging in for free and get ready to do some exploring!

Example of a trip from Atlanta, Ga., to Pensacola, Fla., where I selected to view a variety of things such as healthy and vegetarian restaurants, scenic views, art entertainment sites, and more! Click on the photo to route your own trip!

Mashed Potatoes on Tap


By: Brennan Hussey

7-11 is no longer the place just to get your coke Slurpee fix. Select 7-11’s around the country will be serving up mashed potatoes and chicken gravy from a Slurpee like dispenser. For just a dollar, you can get mashed potatoes and gravy mix. Add just one more dollar you and get a big gulp to wash them down. These machines have been in 7-11s in Singapore for a few years now and will now move over to the states. But for a place that sells chili cheese dogs and fried taquitos daily something tells me Slurpee potatoes will be a hit.