Less Sleep = Higher Risk of Obesity & Diabetes


A recent study published in Science Translation

Medicine found that too little sleep—an insufficient amount to keep up with the body’s internal biological clock— could lead to a higher risk of obesity and diabetes. Although a short-term lab study, this research, conducted out of Brigham and Women’s Hospital, discovered a bump in the concentration of glucose in the blood after meals (due to poor insulin secretion by the pancreas) as a result of prolonged sleep restrictions. The decrease in resting metabolic rate could end up adding 10 pounds a year to someone’s weight. With the lack of sleep college students put up with, it’s no wonder we’re all so familiar with the term “Freshman 15.” And while none of this information comes as a total surprise, it’s just another example of how important those extra hours of rest can be —especially with swimsuit season right around the corner.


Fresh Perspective

Even a fashion novice knows who Coco Chanel is. Few haven’t heard of Christian Dior, Yves St. Laurent, and Ralph Lauren. And while you may need to work in “the industry” to recognize names like Prabal Gurung, Yigal Azrouel and Proenza Schouler, there’s a new heavy hitter that needs to start rolling off your tongue: ++FRESH.i.AM++.

The brainchild of Nigerian-born Tunde Ogunnoiki, ++FRESH.i.AM++ markets itself as an art brand—a conglomeration of art, fashion, music and culture. And while the fashion aspect is truly groundbreaking, the brand started as something much simpler.

“Growing up in Nigeria, I learned that there isn’t a word for art… There was always art all around us, but it was engrained in every day life,” says Tunde. So after a controversially provocative art project got him expelled from college, he decided to promote his artistic philosophy by creating a website focused on bringing raw, relatively unknown talent to the masses. Within a year of going live, the site was receiving hundreds of thousands of hits a month.

But Tunde wasn’t stopping there. In 2009, he went on to develop a line of graphic tees that helped spread the unique ++FRESH.i.AM++ point of view. After an immensely popular first run, he developed a second collection, this time featuring a duo of pendants called Lok & Ki. That was quickly followed up by the third collection, a line called “Peaches” that introduced their State of Mind hat collaboration with The Lovers.

Now, there’s clearly a lot more to ++FRESH.i.AM++ than just clothes. Even the name of the brand is multi-dimensional. According to Tunde, “the name is meant to reaffirm the originality of the individual, and the plus signs at the beginning and the end are meant to symbolize what has been done, and what is to come.”

Lately, ++FRESH.i.AM++ has plenty on its plate. Their collaboration with The Lovers, the creative team behind recording artist Theophilus London, has resulted in international exposure. They’ve also worked with audio/visual group Steed Lord and have a soon to be released collaboration with accessories designers Dee & Ricky.

So, what’s next? “My dream collaborations would be with Phenomenon, Marc Jacobs, Surface to Air, Dosa Kim, Apparatus ATL, and Overthrow,” says an appreciative Tunde. “I just feel blessed to be working with such talented individuals.” In the meantime though, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for more content online, as well as their next collection.

Keep Calm and Pay Attention

“Keep calm and carry on” spoofs are everywhere. You may love ’em or roll your eyes, but you can’t ignore them. Few know the origin of this symbolic poster. So wise up and watch this three-minute mini-doc on the subject, and then you can go back to those eye-rolls. —tg

Re-telling Red

Riding Hood is Reborn
There’s a reason some stories are recounted and told throughout the ages until they are as familiar as an old friend. One such tale—“Little Red Riding Hood” —has surpassed those buried in the bottom stacks of libraries and has been shared so many times it’s just as much legend as it is lore.

And now, it gets a retelling of epic

proportions in a pioneering way that almost makes it like new again. Rua | Wülf, a production by SAÏAH, places the audience right in the center of this dark plot, taking them on a literal journey through each gripping chapter and throughout the picturesque terrain of the Goat Farm Arts Center.

Staging what is perhaps the first-ever migrating theatrical

experience, SAÏAH—the production house—will take up to 50 people per show through sets strewn around

The Goat Farm. There’s the saying, “it takes a village…” but in this case it’s more. In fact, it takes an arts center. And there is no better venue for such a performance than the 12-acre stage in the rocky farmland beyond West Midtown of Atlanta.

SAÏAH was founded in 2011 when creatives Marium and Shehryar Khalid combined forces with the artistic minds of Tian and Phillip Justman along with Arno Hunter Myers and formed the organization as a means to exchange ideas in a creative, supportive and profitable environment.

Using no religious or political agenda, SAÏAH bases its mission and vision on helping others through the arts: “art for the sake of arts.”

Marium drew inspiration for such this idyllic forum from a dream that guided her to a tent in the middle of a desert, where there was room of people sculpting a “SAÏAH,” or “shade” from the turmoil of the desert. From this seed, grew the the core of the passionate and devoted organization.

By last August, SAÏAH had come together and already assembled its first production, “City of Lions and Gods,” which won Atlanta’s 2011

Over 19 mood boards were created to establish the tone and vision for Rua Wülf, as well as aerial maps of the moving production.

Critics Choice Award for Best Theatrical Production.

After curating an Halloween event for ScoutMob and hosting a fundraising dance production for the Mint Gallery, SAÏAH knew it was time to use the entire campus of The Goat Farm Art Center for a project of their very own.

“Last summer we started talking about pulling apart a fairy tale—Red Riding hood was already buzzing around our heads.” Tian explains. “We wanted to dissect the story and bring a sense of reality to it.”

How many people had been Red Riding Hood in their life, and how many had been the wolf? Such questions offer people the chance to accept their roles (however dark) in their own life.

“Something in common, was how many people were willing to accept their lives through a series of

choices that they had made,” Tian says.

“Rua | Wülf is not a play, it’s a world we are

creating,” Marium says. Forged with the help of over a dozen

artists, the elaborate sets transport both the audience

and cast into an alternate realm of deconstructed

folklore. Just when you think you’re following Rua (Red Riding Hood) to her

ill-fated grandmother’s house, you’re stopping

for tea in one of the Goat Farm’s gardens for intermission.

In this re-telling of a story about choice and

consequence, it’s inspiring, a tad scary and surprisingly healing to let go, and get lost in woods with Red.

RUA | WÜLF – APRIL 11-29

Virtual Sex

In a recent research paper out of New Zealand titled “Robots, Men and Sex Tourism” proposes that Amsterdam’s red light district will be full of “android prostitutes” by the year 2050. That’s right—sexbots. And while this futuristic concept may seem risqué, the proposal offers solutions to many of the problems sex work poses today. For one, android prostitutes are clean of sexually transmitted infections. Additionally, it would end the sex-worker trade, and the smuggling of underage women forced into slavery.  But it does raise one question: if you enjoy a rendezvous with a sexbot, is it considered cheating on your spouse?

For more, on this stimulating study, visit: sciencedirect.com.

Strip for Likes

In a brilliant marketing move by European Fashion House STÜSSY Amsterdam to promote the Spring 2012 collection, they created a highly successful “Strip for Likes” campaign on Facebook. The result of which ended in a photo of a topless model showing off a  bikini bottom, and thousands of likes on Facebook. The campaign prompted social media voyeurs to visit stussy.com for more.  And whadoyaknow: Stussy has amazing street fashions from Amsterdam with bright colors and unique graphics. Well done Stussy, you have a new fan. In fact, you have 20,000 new fans.